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ThinkChange - MazeLock



Version: 2.0.0

FileType: .sis

License: Try and buy

Release Date: 2011-04-14

MazeLock offers an innovative way to unlock your touch screen phone.

We develope innovative symbian applications, some are freeware, some are shareware.
You can always download the app to try on your phone, you can buy the shareware if you like.
Currently, we supports only paypal, you need to input your IMEI (press *#06# on your
phone) -- the reg code is generated based on IMEI.( Click here to learn more. )
After you payed with paypal, there will be a "Don't forget to click to get REGCODE" button. you need to click it to get the reg code. If you forgot, send an email to:, we will send you the reg code mannually within 24 hours.
When you buy the app, you can always use it on the phone.
Please fill in the support form or directly send an email to: